Pardon the Dust

Hola amigos.

The paint isn’t even dry from my last travel adventure, and I am off again. A few weeks ago I finished an amazing, month long, 4,000 mile road trip through the western part of the great U S of A, and now I venture off to Spain for three months. I have been pretty quiet recently, mostly spending time on a fictional book series and getting in the best shape of my life. 

For those of you who are interested, here is what I will be working on for the rest of 2015: 

- While in Spain (mostly Madrid), I will be updating this site with my adventures in the land of tapas, paella and futbol.  There will be lots of photos, recaps of futbol games (Christiano Ronaldo is my favorite player), enjoyment of european cerveza, and plenty more.  

- Part 2 of my DryWorld series is being written, and my goal is to finish it within the next two months. 

- There will be a book about my recent USA Roadtrip. It was an amazing experience; I visited five national parks, drove through nine states (and the aforementioned 4,000 miles), camped, hiked, and explored. 

- I am also working on a fitness website and book coming later this year as well. For anyone who wants to get into better shape, I want to help. 

For any regular visitor to Kaplan Visuals, you may have noticed that the site looks different, and I will be updating it during my time in Europe. The new site is a work in progress, and not quite finished. So, as the title of this post requests: please pardon the dust. If you want to get updates about new blog posts, info about upcoming book releases, or the latest photos, please sign up for my newsletter (link below).

You can also follow me on twitter (@kaplanvisuals) or instagram (@bkap1).  

Hope you enjoy following along with my adventures...