Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. You don't need to write a novel- I simply want to get a better understanding of who you are, what your goals are, and how to best help you. 

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What area(s) would you like the most help with?
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Are you currently working out regularly?
In an average week, how many times are you working out, and how much time does your average workout take? What would a typical workout be for you? It's ok if you are not working out regularly right now!
If you feel like you are already at your max, that is ok, and simply say that. If you know you can devote more time every week towards fitness, then put your average days per week you think is realistic.
What is your experience level when it comes to working out in a typical gym?
Do you currently belong to a gym?
Do you regularly workout at home, outside, or participate in other activities? If so, describe briefly.
Good? Bad? In between? Fluctuating between healthy and unhealthy?
Do you feel like you know what should go into a healthy and balanced diet?
Exact portion sizes or calories aren't important now. I'm just trying to understand what a normal daily diet for you is like.
How often would you like check-ins with me?
This can be via text, email, audio or video call.
Are there any health issues or injuries that would prevent you from starting a fitness routine?