Kaplan Visuals FAQ 

What sort of strange corner of the internet have I stumbled upon? 
Hello there internet traveler. You are currently visiting the website known as Kaplan Visuals, run by me: Ben Kaplan.  This digital internet location is a home for my photographs and writing as I roam our planet. 

I saw you have photos for sale. What do I get if I purchase something?
Every item for sale at Kaplan Visuals has been photographed and edited by me. Once your order is processed and I receive your print, I inspect it for quality, sign and numbered it before it is shipped to you. The number represents the order in which the print was purchased. The third 30x40 canvas sold gets a -3- on it, and so on. 

How much is shipping? 
Shipping is free to anywhere in the USA. If you are in a different country, please contact me for shipping rates: kaplanvisuals@gmail.com. 

How long does it take to receive my order? 
Unless otherwise noted, you should receive your item(s) within three weeks of purchase. 

What if I want to purchase a photo that is not listed for sale? 
If you want to buy a print that is not currently listed for sale, please send me an email

I have a Not-so-FAQ. 
Send me an email: kaplanvisuals@gmail.com