Coming Home

I’m coming home. The time has come for this magical journey to come to an end, and for me to return to the Untied States of America. After 115 days spent visiting five countries, sleeping in dozens of beds, eating a variety of food, drinking beers both large and small, taking thousands of photos, reading a dozen books, soaking up days worth of sunshine, and enjoying an adventure I will never forget, it is time for me to come home. 

Tomorrow afternoon, around this time, I will be boarding a plane and returning to the States for the first time since late April, which is about 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days since I left for Phuket. Coincidentally, this is the longest amount of time I have been away from the States since coming to Australia 15 years ago. Both times, I fly home from Sydney. 

This trip has been amazing, and exactly what I needed to rest and recover after my hellish cancer treatment in late 2013. While my body still has some recovering to do, my mind feels renewed and truly excited for life.  

I am ready for this particular journey to be over. It feels like it is the proper time to come home, which is comforting. It wouldn’t feel as satisfying if I didn’t feel “ready” to be back home. I am ready for American sports in HD. I am ready for beers with friends. I am ready for time at the gym. I am ready for meals with my family. I am ready for movies in IMAX. I am ready for a closet of my own clothes and to not live out of a backpack. 

That is not to say I won’t miss many things from my life as a wanderer. I will miss the freedom. I will miss the day to day adventure, not knowing what any day will bring. I will miss the new, exciting sights. I will miss the kindness from strangers. I will miss the $3 meals. I will miss not knowing or caring what day it is. I will miss the challenge of getting from point A to point B. I will miss the stunning beaches. I will miss scooter rides along beautiful coastlines. I will miss nightly sunsets over the ocean. 

But the United States is my proud home, and I don’t think I could live anywhere else. Being away for months has made me miss and appreciate all the wonderful things about the US, and all the things I love about it. I love the food. Big burritos and tasty sandwiches and amazing sushi and delicious steaks. I love the beer. IPAs and Belgian Ales and Pales Ales and countless more. I love the coffee. Tasty coffee that doesn’t have to be a $5 latte. I love the TV. I love the sports, and the passion that millions of Americans have for men throwing a ball around. I love the fast internet. I love the pride and creativity and innovation we all have. It is no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful businesses, movies, music, and technology comes from the United States. 

Most of all, I love my friends and family, and I can’t wait to be reunited with them. 

And with that, the 2014 Ring of Fire World Tour comes to an end. A huge thank you to my incredible hosts in Bandung and Sydney. I hope our paths cross again soon. 

With the wind at my back and the sun in my face, I return home with more memories than I can currently process, a hard drive full of amazing photos, and an excitement for the next chapter of my life in the United States of America. For many of you reading this right now, I can’t wait to see you in person very soon.