Relaxing in Ko Lanta

The last few days in Ko Lanta haven't been very exciting, but that is just fine by me. There has been a good amount of time scootering around the island, relaxing by the pool, and walking around the beach seeing my good friends the Sand Bubbler Crabs do their work. The full photo gallery is at the bottom of this post. 

I may have mentioned this before, but there is a daily internal debate of what to do while here in Ko Lanta. Not that I am bored- I am extremely happy here. It is more about DOING STUFF- which sort of equates to ticking boxes on the Tourist To Do List. Mentally I sometimes struggle with simply laying around the pool reading or listening to music. Yea- rough life. It is more the thought of. This may be me justifying relaxing and "doing nothing," but that is part of what this trip is all "I am in Thailand- I need to do everything!" At the same time, because I have months (instead of weeks) over in this part of the world, it makes it easier to enjoy a few days by the pool instead of making sure every minute of the day is jam packed with ACTIVITIES. 

Some of the "non-activities" have also proven to be the most fun. Probably because there are surprises around every corner. The other day I stopped by a local farmers market, which is MUCH different than anything in the States. There are huge tables with fresh fish, seafood, chicken, curry powder, veggies, and other unknown meat parts. Seeing the locals in action is really cool, and something that reminds me of how far from America I am. 

Very fresh fish.

The kids running around always make me smile, too. 


Yesterday I stopped in a local market, that was basically the Ko Lanta Container Store. There was all sorts of plastic containers as well as household appliances.

Ikea ain't got nothin' on the Ko Lanta Bucket Shop. 

Then, around sunset, I stopped by a local beach park to watch people play footsal (super impressive- basically foot volleyball with a smaller ball) and soccer on the pavement. Crabs were scurrying along the beach as the sun went down over the ocean, and I was reminded how enjoyable the small, random moments in a different country can be. 

Impressive leaping ability. 

Today I may go check out the National Park, but besides that it will be more relaxing and writing here in beautiful Ko Lanta.