Programming note

Friends, Family, and other fellow earthlings, 

I have been having a bitch of a time getting photos uploaded to the hosting provider for the site (Squarespace). While trying a variety of options (resizing pics, different websites), I have not found a reliable solution. My guess is that being on an island in the middle of Thailand does not provide the fastest of internet tubing speeds. Maybe Squarespace is anti-Thailand and throttles upload speeds here. Who knows. It would be ideal to have everything posted/ hosted here on Kaplan Visuals, but right now that is proving extremely frustrating and slow. 

So instead of banging my head on the proverbial internet wall to get everything uploaded here, I set up a Facebook page for Kaplan Visuals. Not my first choice, but it should work for now at least. So you may see links like this: Crab Circles. Or this: Ko Lanta Part 1. 

Do not be alarmed. There is no need to alert the Internet Police. This is normal. As internet improves (or doesn't), I will respond accordingly. Questions, comments, suggestions, complaints? Feel free to send me an electronic mail anytime: or


Ben Kaplan
Proprietor and Owner
Kaplan Visuals